Passion Nightclub- The End Of An Era! - Passion Nightclub Photo taken on Saturday, Feb 04, 2017


Passion Nightclub Photos

Passion night club shuts down after an unmatched ear that spanned over twelve years! To me personally Passion was more than a club. It was stability, it was a second home, it was a place to see my friends and get ideas. Passion was were I personally celebrated some very personal and important moments in my life... from my pre-wedding party, to my first daughters baby shower, and 2 amazing anniversary parties. This club taught me and gave me a lot, and I am truly torn to see it go. I know I am not alone with that feeling. Thousands of viewers and South Floridians have countless of priceless nights at Passion that they will hold close to their heart. The send off was one for the record books. We calculate about 4,000 people came out to pay their respects and party one more night at this amazing club. Beautiful women lie everywhere as the Djays kept the crowd rocking till 6am. Passion Nightclub left a legacy for us all to remember! Thank you Passion, you will be missed.
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